Florida Sinkhole Dangers and Signs of a Sinkhole

Florida Sinkhole Dangers and Signs of a Sinkhole

Last Friday, a sinkhole swallowed two Florida homes and a boat. Like most sinkholes, this particular one started out relatively small and spread quickly. This sinkhole is considered the largest in at least 30 years in Pasco County and spans 250 feet in width and 50 feet in depth. So far, the impact and sheer sizeof this sinkhole has impacted 11 homes including a couple of septic tanks.

To date, Florida leads the nation in the amount of sinkholes, according to The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.

One silver lining to this story is that no one was harmed or injured and the homes with the most damage reportedly had homeowners’ insurance policies.

Sinkholes can happen quickly but there are warning signs. Look for the following signs of a potential sinkhole:

  • Slanted foundations
  • Unexplained drainage from nearby ponds
  • Other sinkholes nearby
  • Trees that tend to lean or fall
  • Cracks in the interior walls that continue to widen
  • Dips that change or deep slopes in or around your house

There are many other signs that may be dismissed because they seem like normal wear and tear of a home. Still, if you see one or more of these signs don’t continue to dismiss it and be sure to double check your homeowners insurance policy to make sure you are covered for sinkholes.


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