How to Dress Business Casual During the Summer Heat 


As someone that has lived and worked in the stifling Florida heat and New York City’s steamy sidewalks in the summer, I can tell you that there is not enough antiperspirant if you are wearing the wrong clothes to work.

Dressing business casual but keeping a professional look is no easy task especially for women.

However, you don’t need to be miserable and swimming in a seat of sweat to look polished. Here are some general guidelines and tips to dress your best and business casual.

Bottoms—Ditch the shorts:     It may be tempting when temperatures soar to near triple digits to slip into your favorite cargo shorts or chinos. Save em’ for the picnic or backyard grill out. DO wear a light cotton skirt or dress that hits to the top or middle of the knee. For the guys, breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen are an even better option than jeans.

Tops—Shirts or skins:    If you work in Florida, you see lots of golf shirts on guys nearly year round at work and play. But sometimes you have to take it to the next level. There are many stylish button-down options that are short-sleeved and pair well with a linen jacket and best of all, look better WITHOUT a tie. For women, it’s even easier to throw on a stylish and completely sleeveless top just keep an eye out for your cleavage.

Shoes—Flip or flop:    I saw quite a few pairs of flip flops on fellow female co-workers in Florida. Honestly, even if they are bling’d out they are and still look like flip flops. Go with a cute pair of sandals instead and even take it up a notch by opting for wedges or a sandal with a heel. Unless you just had foot surgery or it’s medical necessary, you should not wear sneakers to work unless you work for a company that sells sneakers or athletic shoes. For guys, the same rule regarding lightweight materials apply to shoes as well. There are many stylish (closed toe) dress shoes for men made of materials such as chambray that offer comfort, support and room to breath.


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