How to Cool Down your Car in the Summer


Florida temps have been known to destroy cassette tapes and send the heat index inside the car through the roof.

In fact, every Florida driver knows the feeling of trying to sit on an unprotected car seat after a day parked in the hot sun. And you’re not going anywhere with a steering wheel that could lead to third degree burns.

Stay cool with these tips to keep your car from getting to the boiling point.

-Cover up.  Window visors or sunshades are the easiest and least expensive way to keep your car or vehicle from heating up. Don’t overlook a window visor in the back window as well.

-Open up. You will want to leave your car doors wide open for a minimum of 3 minutes before climbing in and driving off into traffic.

-Power up.  Solar-powered fans are all the rage these days and are perfect for older cars that are missing all the bells and whistles to cool down your vehicle.

-Protect your steering wheel. Sunshades can only go so far. That steering wheel can still heat up enough to melt your hands. A light-colored hand towel is all need to cover the steering wheel.

-Pick a parking garage over an uncovered parking space. Parking garages can save the paint on your vehicle and drop the level of heat in your car.

-Find some shade. Parking spaces under trees or any type of shade come at a premium. If you can find the time to find a space it will make a big impact on the heat index.

-Gadgets can get destroyed. If you still have a cassette collection or even a CD collection in your car you need to know that it will melt if left in direct sunlight. Smartphones or laptops can be damaged by high heat. It’s best to not leave cell phones or electronic devices in the car for any period of time.

-Cracking the windows of your vehicle actually works and allows heat to escape. Just make sure that you don’t lower them too much so that you don’t tempt a break-in.


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